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Just re-did my desktop...

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Cool, are you using a tool to skin your desktop like that? Also, how did you get your icons so small?

The icons being small...I'm using a program called "Pitaschio" which allows your desktop icons to be like a list, among other various windows tweaks (BTW, works on XP, Vista, and Windows 7): http://pitaschio.ara3.net/

Otherwise I just photoshopped that picture of Marty. Actually, I saw the picture originally on here: http://devils.nhl.com/club/page.htm?bcid=21548 or more specifically, here: http://devils.nhl.com/ext/Devils%20Legion/Wallpapers/552-1920x1200.jpg and I emailed the webmaster for the hi-res original which he gave me. (Awesome!) I took that and made my own edits. Side note: I think that the designer is a member of this very forum..."Richer's Ghost"...

Side note 2: I love that Marty pic because I'm actually in it! That's why I was glad to find a hi-res version...oh yeah and I'm not texting I'm trying to take a picture on my phone haha. At least I didn't clap in front of my face...anyway the red lines are my friends, and here I am:


And here's the original (hi-res): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/911819/brodeur%20returns%203%20022609.jpg

Does the time and date on the wallpaper really change? If so that's pretty awesome... nice background too.

Thanks dude. Yeah, the time and date are dynamic (I'll have to snap a pic at 5:52 today heh). For that, I use a program called Rainmeter. It's pretty versatile with what you can do. Within rainmeter you can use plugins...for the sidebar I used to enigma plugin and for the giant date/time and weather, I used "10-foot HUD" and edited it to the "Jersey's Team" font...which was a pain to find but it's called "frakturika." Here is the link to rainmeter: http://rainmeter.net/RainCMS/

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Oh yeah and if you want just the wallpaper I did, then here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/911819/tiltshift.jpg

Also thanks guys! Let me know if anyone needs any help

How'd you get the time and weather on the desktop like that?

edit: Nevermind. Only saw your second post, typed this, then scrolled up and saw the first. Not my brightest moment :doh1:

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I used the background for my desktop for now til I get around to making a new one, but hot damn it looks fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Pretty sick desktop pic.

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