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Sutter steamed as Miikka Kiprusoff blinded by the light (lasers)

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Brent Sutter steamed as Miikka Kiprusoff blinded by the light


Sutter said someone in the sellout crowd of 18,810 at General Motors Place was directing a laser pointer at goaltender Miikka Kiprusoff throughout the game in an effort to distract him.

"It was going on all night," said Sutter. "It was brought to the attention of the refs and security, and it's hard to believe that can go on for 60 minutes in a hockey game and it's not located and not found."

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that's no laser pointer... it's the glow of wisdom and loving support of Sutter on the bench... any coincidence it creates blown leads and epic fails, no matter how talented the team is??? :P

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As much as Sutter is a jackass, that's really low class for a Vancouver fan to do. If this had happened to Brodeur we'd all be fuming.

Totally agree. Nothing says you believe in your team like pulling this sort of bs stunt on the other goalie.

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It was Lou.

It couldn't have been Lou!!!!

If it was, the pen would have worked untill mid way through the second period , then it would have gone out and not come back on again.

The weekend Lou has had with lighting he will be leaving things like that well alone.

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