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GDT: Devils @ Rangers


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Our 4th line really stood out to me that period I thought they played very well.

Yeah the 4th line did have a nice period.

The ice sucks at MSG and they're also shot happy. Not to worried about the Rangers shots on goal. They had maybe one real good scoring chance out of all those shots. Then again there is more of a chance for a deflection or bad bounce I guess.

I guess Torts finally realized that his team may need to play defense if they want to make the playoffs.

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Unfortunately, Rags look pretty good out there. The Queen's made a couple good saves, Staal's a nice player, and the forecheck's been decent.

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Can't drive the net when 4 blue jerseys are standing there in a box.

When you have a 5 - 3 and Rolston takes about 4 shots from the blue line, something is wrong.

Also, put Bergfors and Elias back on the same line. Bergfors is creating great chances that pando continues to whiff on. Elias has been pretty invisible tonight too, especially if Rolston is hell bent on shooting every single chance he gets.

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Who here would like to see Marty rip Avery's head off??????? :fight:

I think it would be wonderful if Marty would find a way to hide his entire goalie stick in Avery's ass. But the fvcking cancer that he is would still probably manage to run his mouth regardless. There is probably no one happier right now that Clarkson isn't playing. Did anybody catch that stare that Marty was giving him. You can just tell that he hates that s.o.b. with a passion.

Oduya has played a very strong game. He has been very good with the puck. Bergfors has also had a nice game. Kid is hustling. He needs to be with better offensive players but they seem intent on keeping him for 3rd line duty.

Few more chances against that period but neither team is really getting consistent great opportunities. I just hope that 5 on 3 doesn't bite us in the ass. Speaking of penalties the refs were fantastic tonight up until that awful dive by Del Zotto. Call the Devils if you want but that had unsportsmanlike written all over it.

Next goal probably wins.

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Someone needs to rough up avery.. I know that would be succumbing to his "game", but still his jabbering at our franchise player can't go unpunished. I'm looking at Fraser to step up and rough him up.

No Clarkie, No LeBlonde, No Corrente, No Peters. We can't afford to have Salvador in the box for five minutes. AVERY knows this, this is his game. If that puke gets in front of Brodey, let him pull a Hextall on him,(stick between the legs, shots to the head with a glove or blocker). I would like for someone to put him out of his misery, but like you said, you'd be succumbing to his antics!!!

AVERY HATERS CLUB, . . .Do we have an offical keeper for that? I'd gladly take up that mantle!!!!

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