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GDT: Devils @ Rangers


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Second line still atrocious. Patty to center please. How many consec. games have we been saying this now? It's been invisible since the day Patty got moved off.

Screw 30% faceoffs, can't someone else take the draws?

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When you have a 5 - 3 and Rolston takes about 4 shots from the blue line, something is wrong.

I said this above regarding two Devils down low and not a puck to them on that PP. I swear they were standing there an eternity. If a puck came to them, it's in.

However, they were trying for the perfect shot and then jam the rebound. I still believe their 5-3 is so bad due to the lack of a true PP QB. IMO, Rolston is unable to shoot the puck hard a few inches off the ice. Everything he shoots is too high.

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What a great game so far. I can't wait to see the look on Avery's face when the Devils score early in OT!

I can't believe that the Queen played this well. I haven't seen him on his angles this way in a long while... Both goalies were super sharp.

Marty looks so confident lately, I love it.

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I was looking at Gamecast on ESPN... It's so obvious what the Devils need to work on:

NYR had 51 total shots, and 16 of them came from their defense.

NJD had 45 total shots, and 7 of them came from our Defense.

It's games like this that make you wonder why those guys can't more involved. Yes, Paul Martin is out - but we aren't going to win games with that kind of style. I sure hope we can get them more involved as time goes on.

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