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Rumor- Kovalchuk to Devils


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Sign me up. You know what's funny, is that I couldn't fall asleep last night aside from the usual thoughts of sex, my career and whatever...this came up. I was thinking what it'd take to get him.

I came up with Rolston (a guy who could help their floor, keep their cap number up, be their captain for the next few years and help teach the young guys), Bergfors, Fraser and a 1st.

PLaying around.

I'd love to see it happen, it'd be super exciting.

The only thing I'd be worried about is him walking away after all we gave up to get him (or even the KHL). That's the big thing for me.

Sign me up 2.. any deal that sends rolston away cant be bad no matter how fleeced you get...

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For what it's worth, here's Spector's take on the Kovalchuk-to-Philly rumors.

The problem is return and comfortably fitting Kovalchuk under their cap. Again, that's why I believe if the Thrashers do decide to trade Kovalchuk it'll likely be to the Kings, who have the assets and the cap space.

Certainly seems fitting with the Waddell sighting at Devils/Kings.

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Spector gets that the Devils don't want to use that cap space unless they absolutely have to.

How does it hurt to use it for deadline deals that don't count against next years cap? Kovalchuk has said he's going to go UFA so ATL is going to get a rental value for him.

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I would really be shocked, truly shocked, more than I have ever been as a Devil fan before, by this move if it were true.

Therefore, every alarm bell in my head is going off. Truly doubt it's happening.

I never expected Gilmour, Mogilny or Arnott either.

Lou usually just makes depth trades, but every now and then he pulls one completely out of nowhere and surprises everybody.

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I just can't see this. The player, the price, the chips needed. I just don't see it. The Devils have *never* made a move like this.

I'd say the Mogilny deal was of a similar stature - Almo was the premier goal scorer of his time and we gave up what many considered to be a prime player in Morrison plus Denis Pederson. As long as we don't give up draft picks, I'm all for getting Kovy.

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