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Rumor- Kovalchuk to Devils

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I vote this thread moves to the Hall Of Fame section in a few days. :)

Seconded. It must be preserved for posterity. It's basically the entire arc from the time the rumor broke with Potvin making that offhand comment he never expounded on, to when the deal went down and the entire range of emotions in between, in print. Imagine we had these threads for Gilmour or Mogs?

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Getting Kovalchuk is no more good than it is bad. Like devils that come and like Devils that go, they are all puzzle pieces to a puzzle, so it doesn't matter who you are who you were or who youre going to be, with the devils you must wait for Hind Sight to "eat your shorts" about the trade getting Kovalchuk. Becuase even if its Gretzky you goto play Devils hockey or youre only holding us back, can't play youre game, play ours.

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From HFBoards:

Posted by Dagoon44 on the Rangers board:


OK guys here is what I was just told by a NHL player. The Devils will be the team getting him and the package will be centered around Niclas Bergfors John Oduya ,Nick Palmieri and a number 1 is what he said he heard.

Supposedly this Dagoon guy owns a bar that a lot of NHL players go to or something. Not posting this because I think it has any weight, but more because it's an interesting deal. Don't think it would work, Bergy isn't enough of an established player to me.

Not to bring up an old dead thread, but I was reading through this and this post was before the rumors started to really get hot. Impressive, bar-owner.

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