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GDT: Devils @ Flyers


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god damn versus...if they didnt pick this one up i would of been able to watch on CSN...but nooooooppppeee. gotta watch it again on the web.

I am actually happy, have Dish Network, and they have versus. If it were on Comcast it would be blacked out on the Center ICe package for me. Wed. game hopefully I will be able to find it online.

Go Devils, lets start to see some gelling of the lines, and a big Devils win tonight!!

4 - 2 Devils :gd:



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Losing to the Rangers always blows, but right now it's not necessarily about wins and losses. It's about getting players healthy and getting Kovalchuck acclimated and comfortable. Lou getting this deal done early is a huge bonus, in that regard.

If the Devils win tonight, great...if they don't, well, losing's never fun to watch, but I think we're going to have to be a little patient here, and let Lemaire figure things out.


fvck Rolston!

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This is another game where kovy will get a sense of what it means to play against one of old rivals. The intensity of these matches is probably something he's never experienced playing on his old team so I wonder what he'll take from them. I agree that we need to gel to figure out who we are now.. in that respect, the break is not good. Having said that I am cursing Directv and will look for a feed tonight. Lets win tonight and start taking steps towards the playoffs.

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This game could go either way.

The Devils have to stop backing down and folding when the other team gets physical with them. It shows they really don't have the confidence lately.

If the Devils don't have their sh!t together, two games against the Flyers is going to KILL them. So wake up boys! Play the WHOLE GAME like you played the last 10 minutes of the game Saturday!

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Last time we were on versus, Someone had a 51 save shutout. REPEAT! (Except... lets not give the Flygirls 51 shots. I'd rather a nice, easy, 21 save shutout 4-0 win. Ahh, yeah.)

And last time we were on Versus, we didn't have a goal :lol: Let's not repeat that.

Gotta beat the Flyers tonight, LGD!

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