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GDT: Devils @ Flyers

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the back end of that period was some of the worst hockey we've played this season. the turnovers are completely out of control.

looks like this is going to be Marty's game to win.

Yeah, the turnovers are fvcking ridiculous. The passing sucks a dick too.

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For the guys who still need a stream, this one works fine for me:


Qualitiy is good as well.

Pretty solid period. It's huge to get a PP-goal on the first try, it was a lucky bounce but good puck movement before it. The 2nd PP looked bad, on our 3rd PP we got some good shots. Marty looks sharp tonight. PK looked good as well hopefully we can kill the takeover penalty off. We need to stopp these defensive zone turnovers though. :gd:

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Yeah disappointed that he didn't get to yell o - VECH - kin!

Lmao that is pretty spot on. JB can be a little annoying sometimes but he is pretty good. The guy is usually pretty fair for the most part. There are much worse out there, that is for sure.

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Whenever he does Caps games he has the homer-ism in his voice (disappointment when opposing team scores, craziness when Caps score), but hes pretty fair when doing Versus games, from what I've seen of him.

His voice is kind of annoying though.

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