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GDT-Flyers @ Devils-Revenge Edition.

Neutral Zone Trap

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Well they have tough guys in Peters and Leblond, but nobody likes them.

It may be stating the obvious, but I think we miss Clarkson in terms of toughness and edge; hes a feisty player who can get under the other team's skin while not being a liability out there.

Peters seems kinda useless, and PL3 is in a very similar boat to some extent...I just like PL3 better. We definitely need Clarkie back in this lineup ASAP. He is the total package that we are missing very badly. LET'S HAVE A STRONG 3RD AND WIN THIS BOYS!

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Couldn't agree more. And Dano just said so (again) as well. The hit was legal and I didn't really have a problem with it, but a price does need to be paid. It pisses me off too.

I apologize for the over reaction in the other Devils Flyers thread, but I'm just extremely dissapointed in this team. Also, to correct your guess, I've been a Devils fan since Terreri(sp?) was in net and Pelueso (sp?) was knocking dudes out; I'm pretty sure that was before 2003. I'm 25 but I'm die hard and have been since I was in elementry school.

PS I'm a huge Dolphins fan. Cheers.

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