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How soft does this team look?


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I urge all of you to count tonight how many times the Devs actually cycle the puck down low, or better yet, actually carry it in down low. How many rushes will be perimiter shots?? How many shots do we get off from down-low? You will see how tired this team is, but you will also see that they are still giving it their all. I cant wait to see how scary this team will be post-break.

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I dont agree with some people that we played boring hockey back then (95), I had a coach who used to preach it all starts with defense if you keep them off the puck they can not score! Maybe he was right maybe he was wrong but watching that 95 series against Detroit was anything but boring!

I sure hope we go for another strong defensemen because Mottau is killing us, White (a good defensemen once) has lost a step, and Davison is not an answer.

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While Carter's past couple games were unacceptable, I don't fault the Devils' toughness. They're hurt, tired, and ice cold. When that happens, you overthink, and overthinking makes you hit less. Now guys are afraid of being caught out of position, or taking a penalty, because when you're playing badly, you assume your teammates won't be able to pick up your mistake. If they start playing better, they'll loosen up. The Olympic break will hopefully help a lot with that. If Salvador gets healthy and Clarkson comes back, they'll be much more likely to throw their weight around.

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If I've said it once, I've said it a million times ... I miss Janssen.

Me too. Peters and PPL are useless. We lack Cam's energy and intimidation, he would have come in handy on Wednesday.

Just bought tickets for Cam's return on March 20th!!!!

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One of your most important D came in return.

You can still miss him, because he wasn't replaced adequtely.

But I can't get hung up on Cam Janssen when it's the entire team that doesn't play the tough style we want to see. janssen's just a goon.

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