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GDT: Devils @ Hurricanes 7:00 PM EST

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What a disastrous night. Completely frustrating...

But you know what, maybe it's actually good they got their asses delivered in their last game before the break. This way, they won't be thinking "all right, we won our last one, everything's going ok". When they come back from the Olympics, they will know they have a lot to do. And the ones staying home will have plenty to think about during their days off.

The only reason I'm not calling for Lemaire's head right now is the Olympic break. It somehow gives me hope things will start working again, although I have to admit, I'm starting to doubt it more and more when I see the Devs playing like this. A slump is a slump, but when the team plays like sh!t for a month and a half and even a blockbuster trade doesn't help... you gotta wonder what the coach is doing. If it's five games after the Olympics and they are still losing most of their games, not scoring a sh!t on the powerplay and giving up leads, it's officially time to panic!

I wonder what the Canadian coaches are thinking seeing Marty being pulled in his last game. Maybe Brodeur resting would be good for the Devils after all, but I really want him to win another gold medal...

Okay, I started writing this before the Devils' two goals. Still, they don't wipe the first two horrible periods out of my head. Not during an awful slump like this.

EDIT: WTF, no goal... I'd say Auger is at it again, but the call came from Toronto...

So you are starting to doubt Lemaire's brilliance?

.... if so Im curious what you've seen on the ice other than general play that is tuning you around

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So you are starting to doubt Lemaire's brilliance?

.... if so Im curious what you've seen on the ice other than general play that is tuning you around

You're talking like I was some kind of Lemaire's big advocate on the boards and I'm not sure why.

I was giving Jacques the benefit of the doubt after the wonderful first half of the season, after actually doubting him initially. I was against bringing him in and I was really surprised seeing the Devils owning everybody. Obviously, a month and a half of consistent losing is way too much for me.

Also, the line shuffling has been irritating. It looked like they finally clicked in the Nashville game, why did he change lines again before tognith? Then again, I'm not saying anything new here.

A goal by Zajac, good. If only we hadn't been robbed by Toronto, we would still have a decent chance at pulling a miraculous come back.

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