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Stanley Cup World Tour 2003


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PK! Corn Palace! OMG, yep we saw that in beautiful downtown Mitchell. :rolleyes: Of course we had to stop and get our free ice water in Wall. :D

The SD Badlands were cool, Mt. Rushmore was the best.

SD is a nice, big, empty state, but I don't think this Jersey family could live there.

PK you live in Jersey now? You are a midwesterner? Just curious. I like the Twin Cities. I think I'd live MN, a real hockey state. Sounds like you've lived quite a few different places? I love to move away, but it seems were stuck in the swamps of Jersey. ;) Not too bad, could be a lot worse. B)

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Does Muskegon count? I worked in Muskegon for a year. Doc was calling Port Huron Flags' games then. That was IHL. Unfortunately, I missed Chico by a year. He was already up. But the judge that I worked for--well, his sect'y was married to a defenseman who claims that it was he who got Chico to the NHL.

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OK, enough with the Midwest reminiscing...

Lets get back to what is important here...

Getting me to a regionally-based "Cup-for-a-day" event with Langs, Raffy, or perhaps U of M's own John Madden!

Any word? Anybody with the name of this bar/tavern Langs co-owns in Daluth/Cloquet?

Thanks everyone (and JK above)!

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