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A Fire Inside

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New here, glad I found you guys, die hard Devils fan for the last 14 years and where I live I'm surrounded by Ranger and Islander fans. With that said my KO numbers is 6 Ranger fans and 2 Islander fans getting KO'd only once myself. My recent Devil accolades include going to the 552 game last year high as a kite, met the team over the last 2 years twice and each time ask each individual player a funny ass question, just because they're so personable. They gave me funny ass responses. The only Devils player I never liked is Colin White, all size no instinct. Then this year I met Colin and he told me he could drink mad beers and still play NHL level hockey. He then continued to back that up by taking a 5 and 10 for high sticking (I believe) at Nassau Colesium right after he gave me that answer :cheers: I played competitive ICE hockey myself from 12-19 years old, got as high as juniors and used to scrimmage with the likes of Komisarek and Higgins both of them herbs, impressive players, but herbs none the less. I cry when we win and when we lose hockey is my life, I got a brick put in championship plaza that I'm proud of because I live 2 hours away from Newark and now I am in two places at once. Theres so much more about me and the Devils history intertwinded together but this is just an introduction!lol Yea it takes courage for me to "Socially Network or Self Advertisement" so don't be to hard on me, I'm only talking so much because THIS IS ALL ABOUT THE DEVILS BABY. I don't believe in Myspace or Facebook, and I've been banned from HFboards 4 times. I don't like people who formulate opinions with no experience in what they are arguing. My name is Kevin Bilski and I fell in love with Martin Brodeur in 1996-97 and the Devils short there after, when I was 7 years old. If you came to my little Long Island town and spoke of my name they'll give you a bag of weed and a Brodeur jersey. With that little intro there is only one last thing to say.... I want chicken, I want liver, Meow Mix Meow Mix Please Deliver!!!!

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