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Battle in Alberta part 2 GDT: New Jersey @ Edmonton

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Skoula to make Devils’ debut tonight; Fraser to sit; Peters in for Pandolfo


Defenseman Martin Skoula will make his Devils’ debut in tonight’s game against the Edmonton Oilers at Recall Place.

Rookie Mark Fraser will sit to make room for him in the lineup.

“We want to see what Skoula can bring, where he’s at,” Devils coach Jacques Lemaire said. “I know how he played when I was coaching him (in Minnesota) and when I was with him he played great hockey. So, I want to see how far he’s at right now. Maybe he’s right there and if he is he will help us.”

Lemaire said Skoula, 30, will start “probably on the third pair (with Anssi Salmela) and we’ll go from there.”

Skoula, who was acquired Wednesday from Toronto for a fifth-round pick, said he was “excited and nervous at the same time” about playing in his first game with his new team.

Skoula hasn’t played in a game sinde Feb. 1 when he was with Pittsburgh. (The Penguins traded him to Toronto on Tuesday.) He said he wants, “just to play my game.”

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wow..are we really getting out played by the worse team in hockey right now?

outside of marty, yes they clearly are.

what could possibly be the excuse for this? sloppiness and laziness not trying to make the smart play that might get a hit and/or be patient.

they look like ass in their own zone too.

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Are the Devils making Edmonton look good?

Um yea.

I heard Peters sucks at fighting but he looks pretty crazy to me. I saw him fight when they played the rangers recently and he looks pretty ligit to me.

Kovi once again proving he's too talented for this team. Nobody can handle his passing..fvcking pathetic.

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Kovi does know that there are other teammates out there with him... right?

Skoula and Salamela together are kinda outplaying what i thought they would be. sal has been taking some bombs, skoula had a few ruff spots but takes a few shots. those last 5 minutes that had at least some pressure. i'll take it.

Like what chico said, the whole team has not hada full practice in almost a month. ( including the oylmpic players). we may lose the next four games. IDC as long as they play better.

btw, i love clarkson. he really sets the tempo.. him and parise.

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