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Week in review

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So, as the saying goes...I'm baaaack (from a week-long hiatus)! Turned out I didn't miss much in New Jersey this weekend since the monsoon-like conditions led to power failures all over the state. No doubt the St. Patty's parade in Morristown this year on Saturday was a dud, since the planned get together some of my friends always have that day didn't happen anyway - with or without me. I was busy Wednesday and out of the state the prior few days but actually didn't miss all that much Devils hockey.

Oh, I missed Wednesday's beatdown of Henrik Lundqvist, at least live. Making it worse was the fact it turned out I didn't have to be where I was that night so I could have gone to the game after all. Thank goodness the power failures didn't start at that point so my tape actually worked, unlike this weekend where nothing I wanted to tape did so I watched it all Thursday. Ironically I could have seen the first half of the game if I'd wanted to but after the Devils' brilliant Alberta trip I was too nervous to watch and as it turned out that was the worse half anyway.

Week in review: Devil fits and spurts

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