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Pictures Of Yourself


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Me at prom with my Joe...


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Okay...here let me try to explain, I have a bunch of people are asking now :lol:

1)click the Add Reply button, do not do the Quick Reply

2)under the post box and the smileys, there is an option that says File Attachments. It also says "You may attach a file to this message.

Maximum file size (in bytes): 5120000". Next to that line, there is a box, with an option to Browse. Click the Browse button, and find the picture you want to use. Once you find it, click okay, and then click Add Reply.

If that File Attachments thing isn't there, I could just be a major dumbass and went through that for nothing...I can't tell if it's one of the admin features or a feature that everyone has, :lol: I forgot! So if it's not there...sorry!

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Ally that's so GORGEOUS... :evilcry: you're growing up so fast! :evilcry:

Thanks PK! :)

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