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Baseball All Star Game Thread


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For those that are interested and will watch the game come and chat about it. The game is at 8:00 PM Eastern, 7 Central, 6 moutain, 5 pacific ( Is El Chico forgetting anyone? lol. ) and will be televised nationally on Fox.

Here are the starting lineups:


1. Ichiro (RF)

2. Soriano (2B)

3. Delgado (1B)

4. Rodriguez (SS)

5. Anderson (LF)

6. Martinez (DH)

7. Matsui (CF)

8. Glaus (3B)

9. Posada ©



1. Renteria (SS)

2. Edmonds (CF)

3. Pujols (LF)

4. Bonds (DH)

5. Sheffield (RF)

6. Helton (1B)

7. Rolen (3B)

8. Lopez ©

9. Vidro (2B)

Pitcher- Schmidt

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I'll go on record as saying I'm skeptical about how tonight's game will go, given the added pressure of home-field advantage in the World Series. I'm afraid that coaches will strategize everything and push the players hard, rather than letting them have fun and enjoy the experience.

Last year's events were terrible, but there were some great moments of levity, like when Hunter robbed Bonds and Bonds "rushed" him. I don't think we'll see moments like that this year... the players will actually be bitter about losing.

I also wouldn't be shocked if at least one star player is injured if the coaches strategize to make this game "a must win."

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El Chico doesn't think they've prevented another thing like that from happening. What are they going to do, let the starters play 7 innings? That would suck because then why are the reserves even there. And if you try to get the reserves in, what if you do go to extra innings are your bench is gone and bullpen is empty?

Just because the game is "worth somethin" now doesn't mean that another disaster like that surely won't happen.

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almost all of baseballs gimmicks are stupid. This coming from a true baseball fan. I am very disenchanted with the state of the game. I am even more disenchanted with the Yankees and they are my favorite team.

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I can care less about the All-Star Game. I agree that it's stupid to give homefield advantage in the All-Star Game because a representative from a bad team can really care less since he has nothing to play for come playoff time.

I don't care who wins or lose at all. It's so obvious that players and managers don't take it seriously so why should fans take it seriously. I will watch for intros and to see if the game is tied and go to extra innings. I personally like to see the game tied and go extra innings. It will be interesting then to see if history repeat itself.

In the 80s and early 90s, I was really into it. AL and NL players hated each other and they wanted to kick butt. The AL never wanted to lose to the NL. I remember a time when the AL was kicking the NL's butt every year and they did not like losing to them either. Ever since 1994 when the NL beat the AL at Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh, ASG never became the same as far as intensity goes. Tony LaRussa took the All-Star Games seriously. I mean he made the players work and sweat it out for workouts and he made sure that no player dogged it. If it was my way, I would make fans vote for managers to lead each league in the ASG. I would vote for Pinella to manage the AL and LaRussa to manage the NL every year because those two would not treat ASG as exhibition. Those guys would make sure the players work their butts off.

I don't see things changing with the All-Star Game anytime soon. It's just events. I hate All-Star Games for any sport. It's a waste of time. I rather see a respite of no games instead of a All-Star Game for one week.

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This has to be one of the stupidest ideas I've ever heard of. How can you possibly make this game so competitive by having the winner get home-team advantage in the World Series, and still have a player from the D-Rays in it. Why is benitez in this? Why are there so many players? How can you make a game so competitive, but still always avoid injuries? Well look at that! Edgar Martinez just got hit in the head with a pitch!! Everyone knows the D-Rays and the Tigers won't get to the World Series, so why do they have a player in a game that has a function of determining home-field advantage in the World Series???

This is a stupid idea. Needs to be completely re-thought. :angry::angry::angry:

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Mike Scioscia is a freakin' moron

WTF was he thinking using freakin Hasagawa in the fifth inning. What was that? He used his relievers too early. I think the game is over now thanks to Eddie Guaradado as he got his butt kicked in the ASG.

Way to make the Twins proud, Eddie.

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Congrats to the AL!

I was hoping for a tie and extra inning, but good job by AL. To do this against Wagner and Gagne is awesome.

It was a good game at the end. Good ending.

Good to see Garrett win the MVP. Well-deserved. Also props to Blalock for hitting the GW HR.

The ASG was alright overall.

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Of course, the idea that the home field is decided in this game is silly. All that being said, tonight's game was pretty good for a change. The AL showed some nice heart coming back. Once again, Scioscia outmanaged Baker when it was on the line. Anderson is a gamer. He's probably one of the game's best hitters and a solid overall player.

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The home field thing is complete bs. Why do you NEED to juice up the All-Star game? It's an exibition for crying out loud. Another money-driven decision by MLB - what else is new. And people who are all saying this year's game was so great, well last year's game was pretty darn good too and nothing was on the line there; of course people will remember the messy ending more than it was a good game for 11 innings.

Just consider if a$$ Bettman did the same thing in the NHL Game 7 would have been in Anaheim and not New Jersey this year and that would have been decided by a shootout on top of that. :o (Obviously this is assuming the series still went 7 which it probably wouldn't have; the Devs probably would have beaten a rusty Duck team in Game 1 at Anaheim and won in 6)

And another thing: How can you on the one hand say oh now the game's gonna be competitive, it's gonna mean something and then have Armando Benitez, Rondell White, Lance Carter, and Dmitri Young (among others) playing in the game? If you're gonna make it competitive then at least end the rule that says every team has to be represented. It's hard enough to fill out a 32-man roster without that rule; you have to have one from fifteen teams and then pick the best seventeen players after that.

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