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Bud Selig

Dr. Death

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Man I hate this guy. I have had it with him ever since he announced contraction two days after a great World Series two years ago. This guy has no clue how to run a sport. Outside of the advent of wild-card, did he really do a good job. It seems majority of the fans have gripes with this guy making decisions.

Here are some of the reasons to why I hate Selig:

-- Contracting the Twins and Expos. Why in the world would he want to contract them? He should find ways for them to make them successful. Contracting is never the answer. Also why make the announcement two days after a great World Series

-- I am tired of his whining about how the sport is in trouble and how small-market teams can't succeed. Baloney! I think with a good management, anyone can succeed. Bud never praise the good things about baseball. All he does is just bash the sport rather than praise the small-market teams.

-- It seems he makes decisions because the owners tell him to do so. I don't recall guys like Stern, Tagilabue, and Bettman making decisions because the owners tell them to do so. They do it with their own gut.

-- I don't have a problem with the All-Star Game ending with a tie, but I have a problem with Selig overdoing the All-Stat Game by announcing that the winner of the All-Star Games gets homefield. Huh? You think guys like Lance Carter, C..C Sabathia, Dimitri Young, Armando Benitez, and others that have nothing to play for care about who wins the homefield? Now that was really dumb.

-- Selig tends to bend over for the union. I know lot of small-market owners was not happy about the new CBA. They wanted a lockout till they got the cap so why did Selig bend over for the players. I was all for a lockout unless every team had a chance to win. I don't like this new CBA one bit.

-- The Zito/Clemens mess was embrassing. Why in the world did Selig caved in to the A's demands? Zito did not have to pitch in the game, but he should be there in uniform. He is healthy enough to go IMO.

-- I wonder if Selig truly thinks before he makes decisions.

He has just been embrassing as a commisioner. I hope George W. Bush is the next commissioner of baseball. At least, he has a clue about the sport.

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contraction is a great idea in baseball, get rid of the dead weight and improve the overall talent level.

He chose the wrong team from the AL though, the Twins have too much history to contract. It should've been the Devil Rays, Marlins, and Expos.

During last summers settlement the players agreed that contraction after the year 2005 or 2006 can happen and they won't oppose it :clap:

The Wild Card was interesting for a while, but they should get rid of it when they contract, realign and go back to 2 divisions. in each league.

you say Selig has been embarrassing and you want Bush as commissioner? :blink: he'd carpet bomb the mariners stadium & fire missiles at the team plane if they beat the texas rangers.

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The reason I have no passion about baseball anymore is because of the players, not the owners. (I've never gotten over the 94 strike & have not attended a baseball game since Aug. 94).

Selig surely has his faults, but contracting I don't think is one of them.

I too think Florida is great for spring training, not for reg.season. I think contracting the 3 teams '7' mentions would benefit baseball.

Problem is you have to contract an even # of teams, so either 2 or 4, I don't know who the 4th one would be.

And I don't understand why the change in the all-star game caused such a ruckus. I think anything is better than alternating home field. That was always the worst method of determining home field. Maybe there is a better way, like whichever league does better in head-to-head during inter-league play would also be an improvement.

I'm just anti-player & anti-player's union.

Teams like last year's Twins & this year's Royals, do prove that you can win with low salary structure.

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Maybe there is a better way, like whichever league does better in head-to-head during inter-league play would also be an improvement.

That would actually be better than rotating or the All-Star game nonsense. But nothing to me would really be acceptable other than giving the team with the best record home-field. I don't mind the Super Bowl being on a NEUTRAL field but in the other sports it really should be merit-based.

Selig says they can't do that in baseball though because of the logistics with the hotel rooms. They can do it in basketball and hockey without knowing where the home field is gonna be months beforehand but they can't do it in baseball? What nonsense :rolleyes:

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