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Game 4 GDT: Devils @ Flyers 7:30 EST

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We've yet to play our game for any stretch of this series, but we're still in it. We're fvcking better than them. Let's get the results. Play desperate. Play hard. Hit anything in orange that moves (legally Clarkie). Take this series back to the Rock tied.

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Much against everyone's advice, I did not shave before the game on Sunday. I've learned my lesson, and am now clean-shaven and ready for victory. GO PLAYOFF NON-BEARD!

Also, I've had the Bouncing Souls song True Believers stuck in my head all morning. I'll take it as a good sign:

We live our lives in our own way

Never really listened to what they say

The kind of faith that doesn't fade away

We are the true believers

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MUST WIN tonight Devils. One game at a time here and they know what they have to do to win tonight. Get the PP going and the veterans like Langenbrunner, Elias, Zajac and Clarkson have to bring their best hockey and game now. Get it done tonight Devils and get all over Boucher tonight! Even this series up tonight @ 2-2.


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Ok so I wouldnt call it a "must win", more of a "you better fvcking win".. if we lose then its a must win obviously

Go Devils !!!

going back to my friends watch the game in the same spot as I watched game 2 when they won.. what superstition

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yet again, i'm stuck in class while most of this is happening. big exam tonight, plus the professor likes to lecture first so we don't just take the exam and leave when the class 'should' go til at least 9. :rolleyes: that being said, they better win so i have a game replay to watch around midnight when they usually show it again :gd:

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