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Clarkson vows to redeem himself after talk with Scott Stevens


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“I was uspet,” Clarkson said this morning. “Your down and as a competitor you want to come back the next game and be the difference or do something to help your team and that’s what I’m going to do."

It's nice to see how much that penalty and the resulting goal affected him. This kid cares. It will be interesting to watch his game tonight. I'm sure he'll be energized, the question is if he'll be able to turn it into production on the ice.

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Skoula wasn’t very interested in talking about sitting out Sunday’s game.

“It’s pretty much over,” he said. “It’s in the past. I can’t change it, so I don’t have any comment on it.”

Skoula also would not discuss how he thought he played in the first two games.

“Three games are over, so there’s nothing we can do about it,” he said. “Do you want to ask me something about today’s game?”

OK, what do the Devils have to do differently tonight?

“I think we just have to play our game and better,” Skoula said. “I think we got out of forechecking well and skating well and I think just the overall team strength.”

Skoula did admit he’ll be excited to play tonight.

“Yes,” he said. “I just want to play and win the hockey game.”

i fvcking love this guy. hes %100 Devil material.

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