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Game 5 GDT: Flyers @ Devils


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true story. i've been to a few myself. the most painful was the '02 carolina loss. fans behind me were literally breaking the seats at caa. it was actually a little scary. drunk fans kicking plastic seats with all their strength? yeah.

i'm sure LD will be here shortly.

I been here watching like the rest of you.

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it's okay guys, after the olympic break and when our guys are all healthy again, we'll be awesom...oh, wait.

how mch yu wanna bet the game ends 3-2 just to tease us and make us hate our lives even more

no no -- what would really be cruel would be for us to magically tie it to lose it in OT.

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Wow that's awful.

What a warrior...even though I'm supposed to hate him cause he's a Flyer and he's done an amazing job stifling the Devils PP, I have nothing but respect for how he's played. Sad to see him get messed up like that.

yeah he's one of the few guys on the team that I don't hate. He's like their madden or pandolfo I guess

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