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Game 5 GDT: Flyers @ Devils


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Wow that's awful.

What a warrior...even though I'm supposed to hate him cause he's a Flyer and he's done an amazing job stifling the Devils PP, I have nothing but respect for how he's played. Sad to see him get messed up like that.

The Devils had powerplays?

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Another example of Flyers commentators bias - when there were a couple cheers when Laperriere got hit in the face with the puck, they immediately said that there were a lot of idiots in the stands. Last game when a ref and Devils player both got nicked up high by a puck and the entire Philadelphia crowd cheered each time, the commentators just laughed and said something like "Well the fans showing no sympathy of course! Hahaha!"

Not that this is a revelation or anything, just annoying to keep hearing the blatant bias.

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brodeur is old

This is why no one takes you seriously. He's been one of the best players for us at the end of the season and in the playoffs. Look at the goals the Devils have scored this series.

Game 1- 1

Game 2- 5

Game 3- 2

Game 4- 1

Game 5- 0

Can't blame Marty.

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