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How much would it cost to acquire Ovechkin?


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lol. well, you'd have to start with a signed Zach Parise... and then the problem kicks in that we don't have anything they'd want, because that ain't nearly enough, and from a cap perspective, a signed Zach Parise would make it impossible for Washington to get fair value with the cap, so it's an exercise in pointlessness

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IF he could leave whatever contract he had for a minute

I going to answer this honestly. As a free agent: More than we have. Under contract: Well if we traded Zach Parise, Marty Brodeur, every draft pick we have for the next 10 years, the Prudential Center and the soul of every member on these boards we'd be about half way there.

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No team can offer more than 20% of the salary cap. Every team would offer that if they had the space.

If you want Ovechkin as a FA it would take more than money. Devils don't have what he's looking for.

In a Trade:

I don't think it is possible. Parise, Zajac, Every prospect in the system, 1st and 2nd round draft picks for the next 10 years, may make Washington think about it.

But they probably wouldn't do that. Ovechkin is really good, and really really popular. He makes that team so much money.

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this is my first thread and I forgot about it....it hit 2 pages, yay.

But yeah, I didn't see a NETJIOT anywhere and made a whole new thread...there are tons of threads on here that see repetitive. anyway, thanks to those who provided input

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