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Stanley Cup


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Yesterday, the powers that be brought the Cup to the building I work in :dance: . Not sure why, but I don't really care. I got to touch the Cup!! The wait to take photos was about 5 minutes since there was hardly anyone there. I stood in line around 5 times :D . Anyway, here are the pics (I'm the one in the red and white shirt);



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Cuteness! Congratulations. So the Cup is this enduring symbol of hockey and yet no one even cares...if it were a player they'd all be peeing in their pants for a rotten autograph... whatever :rolleyes:

I gotta tell you -- you all look like serious Cup hogs! Get a few more pictures why don't you guys! :lol: Were you enlisting passers by? saying LOOK Don't you KNOW what this is?


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During the ECFs, the Cup went to Sears in Paramus Park and NOBODY went. We went through the line about four times.

Yah, it was at the Sears here in Middletown too. Back in 2001 I went to see it, and well you know the results that year.

This year I stayed away, and well. :D

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It's the Harborside Plaza atrium in Exchange Place, Jersey City.

the damn bastards at lewco had to be bougth out a couple yuears ago so I don't work in the building anymore.

Thats ok, the cup was at Hoboken train station a few years ago, walked by like I normaly do and didn't know it. Found out the next day.

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Thanks for sharing the pics, that's terrific you got to see the Cup! No clue why there brought it there? It's sooo shiny and beautiful! I do have to ask though, what is wrong with people?! Get up there and grab it, touch it, maul it! It's the Cup! Think about how Stevens just picked it up two months ago and all the famous hockey greats who have touched it and where it's been! :) It wants the love!

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Holy crap! You dragged me back just because I recognized the building right away. I worked there two years ago. Beautiful building and nice too.

I don't think I'd ever work there again unless they paid more at Sportsticker.

Man, that is way cool :) .

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