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Wanted: 250 students to flush Penguins' toilets


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Construction is near completion on the Penguins' new arena, the Consol Energy Center. But like with any new arena or stadium, officials need to simultaneously flush all the toilets and urinals to make sure everything is working. The Penguins are calling the June 10 event the "Student Flush," a spinoff of their popular ticketing program known as "Student Rush."

Did they do this when the Prudential Center openned too? If so, why wasn't I notified?

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Wow I was just eating some Jamaican meat patties I made, reaching for the Tobasco thinking "Now what thread can I write about my current OBSESSION with spastically hot food?" I think I'm going to make butter chicken tonight. I can't get enough pickled hot peppers, I am SOOO into Chicken Manchurian too. My japanese lobster roll just didn't have enough japanese hot in it the other day. I have been snacking on Harry & David Thai Sweet and Spicy Popcorn mix -- yeah - that's hotter goin' out than In I think -- good cleansing fiber though. :uni:

ahhh me....

umm... what's this thread about now anyhow? :unsure:

oh flushing toilets -- avoided this post for a day now - who knew! I thought it was just a joke about their sh!tty exit.

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