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Eklund (2.3% accurate) Banter

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No. It starts with Neuvirth and a first rounder, or something more.

I don't think Marty is really worth what we're thinking.

After watching every Caps game over the past 4 seasons its obvious that Neuvirth is a small goaltender that plays small and isn't very athletic. He plays like Wade Dubielewicz in net and in the limmited big league starts he's gotten he's been lit-up by diecent-to-good teams. His only success has come versus the terrible SE Division or brutal teams when the Caps simply have outscored their opponents. Neuvirth is a classic back-up goaltender everywhere but Philadelphia where his number would be retired immediatly.

Its also obvious to me that Semin makes the quintessential talented Russian flake Alexi Kovelev look gung-ho motivated. Semin has immense talent but is beyond flaky and can bookend 6-7 goal weeks a month or more of a drifting "vhat-eveh" spell. The Caps tried to solve this by getting Fedorov to babysit him 2 years ago but it did little. Semin has also completely disappeared in every Ovechkin-era Caps playoff series.

I put up Backstrom and Carlson because if the Devils would ever trade their biggest chip (not named Parise) you'd demand a ransom of your team's needs and Backstrom and Carlson are exactly that. A Center and a young D-man that can move the puck. Of course it ain't happening and trading Marty would be an idiotic move short of the 2 guys I mentioned.

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What I don't get: Chere's article, before and after the edit (and no clarification on it!) talks about Lou's desire to get a No. 1 center. Alex Semin isn't just not a No. 1 center, but actually can't play the position at all (hence, left winger).

I mean, this trade fails on sooooo many levels, but the story was that half-assed.


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marty is worth even less than that.

In what magical land is Brodeur not worth a late-round 1st and an unproven goalie?

Either way, this trade is bogus. Brodeur has a NTC. Lou doesn't want to move him, and if he does it won't be to a team in the East.

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