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Sad On-line Fantasy Draft


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NJD, that's the way it can go in Fantasy Hockey. At least you got good players :) .

When I have my draft this Saturday, I won't avoid taking Devils. Two years ago, I drafted so many that people started looking at me like I was a NJ fan :lol:

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MY draft went o.k. except i have more Rags on my team (Lindros, Bure) than Devils (Tevo). If i don't make a trade I'll be rooting for the Rags this year...... :puke: NO NO never happen.


I know what you mean, I only have one Ranger, but it's a$$Holik. Good thing I don't care if I win or not...

Especially since one of my goalies is Eddie the Beagle and no-one is stupid enough to take him off my hands.

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