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ECHL: Greenville team gets name


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In a ‘this is why they call it the minor leagues’ moment, the new Greenville team will be called the Road Warriors.

Unsure if they will still be Road Warriors when playing at home….

If I followed ECHL much, that would drive me nuts.

The local minor league baseball Atlantic League used to do that when they'd bring in a new team. They'd be called the Road Warriors and would play every game on the road until a home could be found for them, when they'd get a permanent name. At least the name made sense for that.

That said...it does open up some stellar marketing opportunities if you can clear it with WWF.

Greenville Road Warriors: OOOOOOOHHHHHHH WHAT A RUSH!

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I'm gonna be honest, that name is awesome. They can call their home arena Thunderdome as a nickname and just make stupid references to the movies all the time. They can bring in the Road Warrior Animal for a guest appearance while giving away gas gift certificates instead of bobbleheads or anything. The Possibilities are endless. Are their jerseys covered in chains or S&M looking stuff?

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I remember going to a Trenton Titans game, circa 2002. They were playing the Greenville Grrrrrrrrowl. Yes, with like 17 "r"'s. Greenville must just have a thing for these awful names

This is true, forgot about the Grrrrrowl. When the Road Warriors is a significant improvement in naming, there's a problem in Greenville.

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First off I do want to apologize for sticking this in the wrong forum, I posted between crises at work and went into the wrong one :)

Grr(r?)owl wasn't any good either, but I do think it was better than Road Warriors unless of course the team just wins on the road.

Not sure, but think T-Devils are in a three team division this year. Part of the reason I'd love Trenton to go AHL is the ECHL is starting to worry me a little.

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