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Rumor: Devils looking at Marc Staal (NOT ERIC)


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Well, I have more faith in you then Єklund (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate) (2.3% accurate). :P


What a delightful thing to say to the Admin.....

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Just my 2 cents, if MSweet says it but can't name sources I still buy he legit got a rumor. Doesn't mean it'll happen or anything though but he doesn't throw stuff like this out there all the time so I have no reason to think he'd make this up now.

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i feel confident that if msweet is posting a rumor -- it's legitimate. why would an admin go out of his way to create a bullsh!t rumor?

with that said -- i can't see this happening in a million years but i've long ago decided to never really have any expectations when it comes to black 'n red lol. we'll see. plus, i've never been too fond of the staal family so...ouch.

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Ya know, it's hard to remember that Eric Staal and Travis Zajac are the same age. I'd hate to give up on Travis, I like him and all... but getting Eric Staal would be pretty impressive. I don't think he's a 100-pt player like he was in 05-06, but 80-90 pts is definitely possible in a given year.

However, that $8.2mil/yr cap hit is pretty nasty. There would have to be comparable salary going back. Zajac + Salvador + prospect/pick for Staal + middling prospect/pick. Or, if Lou has serious dirt and God wants to firmly prove He exists, Zajac + Rolston + pick for Staal + pick.

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I can here the conversation now... (hear it too... :blush: )

"Heeeey! MATTYBOY!"

"uhhh - who is this?"

"It's DANO!!"

"Aaron? Brad - ??"

"Noooooooo! DANO!!! -- KENNY!!! Ken Daneyko man -don't you remember me?"

"uhhh yeah... Yeah! I mean Yes of course! So.... how are you?"

"Grrrrreat! Rrrruhlly great! Dude - get this: Eric Staal a Devil -- book it!"


"No really - Lou's talking to him now"


"you better know I'm not sh!ttin' you -- I'm gonna look on that website of yours and if it's not there I'm kicking you ass!"

"Ok - you;ve got it Mr. Da... errr...Kenny"

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