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Sorry to roam off topic but as for queens -- every been to Lucky Chengs? How depressing is THAT? when drag queens are just BETTER at being a woman than I am!? I mean how do they DO that? I just can't be bothered with make up even hardly! **sigh** I'm a bad female... I envy hockey wives even in there made up perfection. Donna Stevens may not be made up to the nines but she's perfect Mom behind the scenes. I suck at house work and stuff too! I mean i can't even make RICE! If the rice cooker breaks I'm just screwed! :(

dont feel bad I dont cook either, I would rather clean the whole apartment than make a sandwich <_<

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DAMMIT AGA! Get those things off here! Bad enough we have to look at them at HF!  :argh: What is wrong with me...............PK don't encourage her!

:argh::argh::argh: ]





great. Now we get Gay Spideyqueer and the Dancin superfegs.

thanks :evilcry:

:blink::unsure: why do you hate me so????

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Hey you know what -- the same wierd thing -- they're starting to look tired to me now! :lol:

OK I've got to drag myself away! I've got to go home for one thing! No cooking though! I'm boiling up perogies... i guess i have to carmelize some onions though...

pierogies? good for you, the only once that I like are with cheese :clap:

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You know, I actually liked Spider-man until Aga got that avatar. Now...I just can't look at him the same way. DAMN YOU AGA!!! :evilcry:

btw pierogies (sp?) are awesome! I can make them too even though I have a very short list of dishes I can cook. And that includes sandwhiches.

I am impressed I am polish and I dont know how to make pierogies <_<

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hahah its actually not hard. If you can defrost some frozen ones, stick some butter onto a frying pan and boil it in water then you can make pierogies. I have to buy them at the supermarket. Well not me rather but you no what I mean

blah, I thought you said you can make them from the scratch :evil:

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