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New Kovy Update ("As the Kovy Turns")


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Great news on the Kovalchuk signing ... oh, also doing my part to get this thread count to 400 :koolaid: ;-)

*whoops meant PAGE count haha

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Dmitry Chesnokov's Twitter

Jesus, these numbers are potentially frightening

In a way they are scary, but he'll get 80mil+ of that in the first 8-10 years I'm sure. Then he is tradeable (low real cost vs cap space) or will retire with little left on the table.

Cap hit is all I'm worried about. Anything under 8 is good, under 7 is excellent.

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I would quote Belushi in Animal House but I don't like mispelling curse words.

Any other word I have no problem mispelling.

Not sure who seaid it a couple pages ago. As for it depends on who gets unloaded to make this work(as to weather this is a good signing or not). Thats jjust for this year. I'm assumeing 7 - $60(I know about assuming) so whether or not this deal is good depends on how the team looks 3 years from now, not just this year.

I also love how The devils have basically been in a rebuilding mode the last few years yet have still won division titles.

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Duuuuuuuude! Hi!! It's been forever!

Hi!! Good to be back, although I show up on occasion for my :koolaid: fix

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