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Welcome aboard.

I'm a male; age not important in relationships ... :uni: ; I've lived on the left coast, right coast, north coast, and the south coast at one time or another, but born in Columbus, OH ... I currently reside in WV <--- yes, yes it's true! B)

I have a kick ass job as a network consultant for the Supreme Court of Appeals and I love it here!!! I get to mountain bike and hike and snow board and have fun in the mountains!!!! All that except for the fact that I don't have any hockey ... guess that's what Center Ice is for; that is when I have time to watch. ;)

You might be the happiest person I've ever heard of. Happy in your job, where you live, and even without seeing games except on Center Ice. Way to be! :clap: And I think it deserves a dancing banana or two! :dance::dance:

I'm being a little free with the bananas today. :P

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Welcome aboard.

I'm a male; age not important in relationships ...

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Ahhhh, the REAL reason for his happiness!  Ohhh, that wasn't nice.  Me sorry.  Scratch that.  I'm not that cynical, really.

:P ... uh ... nah, I'm not happy BECAUSE I'm single again ... I feel that the happiness is IN SPITE of being single. :unsure:

Maybe I shouldn't have said it. Oh well, too late now. :rofl:

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Born and raised in Bay Shore and West Babylon, Long Island

Since I was 18 I've lived in the following locales:

Orlando, FL (boot camp)

Pensacloa, FL (Military again)

Jacksonville, FL (Yup, military)

Brunswick, ME (military)

Keflavik, Iceland (deployment)

Lajes, Azore Islands (deployment)

Rota, Spain (deployment)

Glassboro, NJ (College)

Palisades Park, NJ (For a summer)

Somer's Point, NJ (For a semester)

Pitman, NJ

Salt Lake City, UT

Seattle, WA

Milton, WA

Bremerton, WA

Thornton, CO

Lakewood, CO

Alpharetta, GA (Daughter was born in Atlanta -- She's almost 22 months old)

San Jose, CA (my wife's hometown)

Currently -- Reno, NV (I was even able to find another avid Devil's fan here!)

I like to travel.

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Personal: 31 years old, male.

Location: Harrisburg, Pa. (Grew up in Central NJ).

Family: Wife (one), Daughter (one).

Hobbies: Roller hockey, music, movies.

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Again, sorry.  :saddevil:

:argh:   idiot  :argh:   idiot  :argh:   idiot  :argh:

Ah shoot, Pooh ... it's no biggie. I'm an easy going guy. :D

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you should all be scared to know that I get my beginners on the 17th (Wednesday) and be even more scared that in exactly 8 months I will be able to drive alone in my own vemahicle..

damnit it all to hell, I should have my full liscense in may but my mom is just getting around to taking me NOW...so I plan on letting you all know how I did :) :)

and today i had a job interview..and the guy didn't even talk to me!!! i was sp polite too damnit!! Didn't burp or anything...i'm never being ncie again...I betcha its cuz i wore my New York sweater---damn Canadians and their hating of USA...

i should of shown him my boobs...

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39 (holy crap 40 is just around the corner. Damn time flies....)


Central Jersey

Started dating my wife when she had extra tickets to a Devils game, and needed someone to go with.

We have two kids

3 year old boy

7 year old daughter (Bruins Fan, wtf)

Reading through these I was surprised at some peoples stats, thought some were older, some younger. Had most of the Male/Females right though...


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Well, Pooh....

I really don't know how old you are. As far as I can see you did not list it. I knew you were a mom, because you were looking for Rinks for your son once. I am guessing a young mom, though, right???.....

and yes you have a youthful glee in your posts.... :D


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morris county in northern NJ

Teacher by day Devils Hockey freak by night.. and weekends :) and day.. 2 yrs ago i had all my 4th graders liking the devils.. except the one kid whose dad was a ranger fan.. but that didnt bother me.. they always lost...

and this past year i had preschool and a 3 yr old who was obsessed with scott stevens.. he'd talk hockey with me and bring in all his programs etc. he wore a stevens jersey when i saw him at a game.. and he came in with the calendar at the beginning of the year and would point to the emblems on the days of the week and go "BOOOOO! They Suck!!!" Im sure his parents are proud.. I picture him, 15 yrs down the road with painted face!!! :P

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oh stop worrying about it guys.... I don't think any of the above 25 crowd here acts it :D

after all how much would it suck to come on here be all mature dull and BORING...

screw that, we have jobs for that kinda crap :P

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you and me both nieuwy :D

like I like to say to people when I annoy them:

"Maturity is knowing WHEN to be mature and this ain't the time for it" :P

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