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Yanks, Jeter Claim Ignorance

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:soap: Sorry to get up on a soap-box here, but you have got to be [freaking] kidding me. :soap:

In this day and age, when every single athlete is walking around with a blackberry and some are even using twitter over everything they do, the Jeter is seriously going to claim he was unaware of when the funeral would be held. Then, to add insult to this, he says you don't need to go to a funeral to honor someone. It's not always about honoring someone, its showing your respect for them and their family.

He says that using the recording is the way to honor him.

Seriously, come on. They're making millions on top of millions, and when someone you allegedly honor and respect passes away, some of you cannot even make the time in your schedule to attend the services if not to console the family alone?

I wanna slap a guarantee on it that not a single player misses Steinbrenner's funeral, nor will they claim they weren't even aware of when it will be.

Oh and I gotta love how a "source" in the organization tried to cover it up by blaming a fatal on the L.I.E. and the traffic causing them to miss it.


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they were talking about that on 660WFAN and they made some good points that some people arent comfortable with funerals or there might not of been a familiar relationship between him and Bob. i still felt that the Yankees should have sent at least one player representative

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