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NHL TV: 35 Years of Stanley

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Anyone else watching this? It is BEYOND awesome. Just watched the '84 final game, Oilers taking the 4 time defending champ Islanders 5-2. Crazy hockey, NOTHING like what we're seeing today. The stuff that was 'just hockey' that would be majors today is funny, and the lack of anger and fights between the teams is also kind of funny. Hip checks with guys ending up on their heads have the ice biter getting up with a "Yeah, you got me!" look...

In South Jersey it's Comcast channel 739, ans definitely worth the watch. It's the deciding game only, so the cup is handed out everynight. Next week is '85 (Oilers take the Flyers) though '89 (all-Canada, Calgary beats Montreal)).

Fantasitic opportuinity for you young guys (I'm 48 myself) to see some VERY different hockey smile.gif


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Yeah, I've been watching them, and the one BLARING theme I've noticed is the LACK of whistles and how AWESOME the action is.

I sat there going penalty, ... penalty, ...penalty, ...penalty, and there were only two called in the 2nd and 3rd periods combined. It is unbelievable to see the open play and great effort and divingless hockey.

Gotta love Oldskool.

Amazing, the dynasties of the 70's and 80's.

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I agree, this is cool sh!t. There was a show a few (5-10?) years ago that attempted to provide an inside look on how hockey executives (namely, GM's) viewed the games and how they made their decisions. There were a couple of Milbury quotes that I can recall. One, I think, referred to Glen Murray and it was very un-flattering. Something about how portly Murray was. The other quote that actually is relevant to this thread was in response to all the belly aching about the hooking and holding that was happening game-in, game-out. "Hooking? Holding? Just work through it, ya pansy ass!" Obviously, paraphrased. Milbury (rightly) has his share of critics, but I respect him just for that quote alone.

Sigh, the NHL REEEEAAALLY needs to get the instigator rule off the books.

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