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Kovy Press Conference info


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Now that I've finished destroying my house in celebration..

Any info on this press conference? Will it be online somewhere? on TV?

Worth it in any way to go to PruCenter tomorrow? i know other teams have fan things during press conferences and i'd assume alot of people would be there if so.




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Versus should be. They don't have sh!t on that network besides fishing/hunting, MMA, and...uhh I think thats it. Oh and cycling.

Don't forget about Bull riding. ;)

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They let me and my buddy in for the John maclean press conference I got to meet Johnny Mac + talk to Lou!!!! It was only 2 of us outside the verizon tower so thats why they probably let us in. Other then that if 5 or more showed up I would doubt they would let anyone in.

fvck that I'm going then!

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Woo, according to the Devils facebook page...

New Jersey Devils T-Minus 2.5 Hours till Kovalchuk's press conference. Tune in LIVE on Devils.nhl.com or NHL.com from The Rock to see it all happen. Marty, Jamie, and Zach will be on hand, along with the man of the hour, Ilya Kovalchuk.


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