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Que paso amigos? Actually hello everybody! Not starting a fiasco but just introducing myself. Avalanche fan just cruising around here and "possibly" meet some interesting and intellectual Devil fans. I am not a troll but just a simple hockey fan enduring all this political fiasco in the NHL.

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Hey! An Avs fan!!! Hi - we need more interlopers.

so what do YOU think of all this Kovalchuk nonsense?

If the Rangers of Flyers did it I'd be laughing. If the Wings did it I'd think MAN as if they don't have enough talent teid up in Detroit. I'd also have all my relative hollering about what a dick Bettman is - much like this board is now,

If it was the Avs ... I'd have to think long and hard about how I felt. I feel like the team is run well. I'd feel a lot like I do about the Devils offering this thing up. More like You know if the Avs have to offer this stuff up then something is still amiss with this CBA.

Would you have wanted Kovalchuk on the Avs? Do you think he would have been a good fit?

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