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Nhl Or Mlb?


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Got four wrong...didn't realize the Ducks were more popular than the Angels...are they talking about this year only? I also thought the Wild were more popular...even if they are just three years in...and how is baseball not more popular than hockey in Tampa? For the last one, it said the Dodgers were the wrong answer, but it didn't say the Kings were the RIGHT answer! :P

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But the grade was comparing you to Frei's opinion - and Frei's talking about "right now", so with the Twinkies in the playoffs, he gives them the nod. I would've gone with the Wild though, also. That's probably the only one I would disagree with.

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14 out of 17! lol I really thought that Wild were the big thing in Minn. But I guess that it's cause the Twins have been around longer. I missed the Pittsburg one too and the St Louis one, and the Tampa one as well. I have been to one Tampa game and there was almost no one there lol. Very nice arena though.

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