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Hi everyone. LTNS me. ;)

When I try to read threads, sometimes the pitch size has typical of 600x800 screen resolution. I read some threads and the pitch is correct. Is there something I can do with a setting to avoid the larger pitch? I have checked to make sure my PC settings are not askew. I have not made an error with the mouse. This is the only site where this happens.

The pinned Kovy thread shows as 600x800 and the sticky for signature sizes is fine. My resolution is set for 1024x768.

Will someone please help me?

Thnx a bunch :)

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Yes it does. It continues through the entire thread. I just used the Kovy thread as an example. Other threads do the same thing. Most threads are fine however when the text is larger it is quite a surprise. I can read the large text easier lol (no glasses required) however the page scrolls off the monitor.

Thnx a bunch. :D

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