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The Rick Pitino Trial

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In case you guys aren't following this Rick Pitino trial, this is the most hilarious thing I've seen in years. It's just embarrassing details about the two people being thrown around. Here are some links to catch up on the hilariousness:


http://kentuckysportsradio.com/?p=56854 Read this one especially about Lester


You can't make this stuff up

It's Pitino v. Sypher! WHO YA GOT? :fight:

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This Lester guy is hilarious!

— I cant do Lester justice, but I will try. Lester is of course the individual who was alleged to have made the phone calls to Pitino and handled the actual extortion. It is hard to truly describe Lester’s appearance, but the best I can do is to say a late 50s “Bobby” from “King of the Hill.” He spoke slowly, had a flat top buzzcut and was…well, he was Lester.
— Lester worked for LG&E for 31 years as a gas service provider. He met Karen Sypher in 1994 when he installed gas service at her house. When asked how Sypher learned his name, he said, “because I was wearing it on my shirt.”
— Over time their relationship became more romantic and one day he took her to McDonalds. When asked when the two had their first kiss, Lester pointed to this date and said, “it was after we had a coke.”
— The attorney asked why he liked talking to her so much and Lester said, “She was a very beautiful woman.” He was questioned as to whether they were truly good friends and whether Sypher even knew his last name. He said he was sure she did and then stood up, lifted up his shirt and said, “I wear my name on my belt buckle every day.”

This guy needs to get his own sitcom. :lol:

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When I read the Bobby Hill line I was on the floor :joker:

I tried to find a picture of Lester, but just found a lot of Pitino

btw here's a picture of Sypher so you know what Rick and Lester were dealing with:


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