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Fantasy Baseball Trade?

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I am playing fantasy baseball on yahoo and this is my team....

Joe Mauer

Aubrey Huff

Placido Polanco

Chase Headley

Derek Jeter

Alfonso Soriano

Torii Hunter

Corey Hart

Carlos Gonzalez

Chris Caprenter

David Price

Matt Cain

Trevor Cahill

Brett Myers

Brian Wilson

Heath Bell

Jaime Garcia

Evan Meek

Madison Bumgarner

Phil Hughes

Jeremy Hellickson

I am in 3rd place but I am not getting much in points when it comes to offense. I decided to trade Brian Wilson for Ryan Ludwick and Casey McGeehee. In order to do this, I had to dump Headley. What do you think of this trade and my team?

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Sounds like a pretty good trade. But, I would need to know how many teams are in your league in order to make a definitive decision.

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