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Hey guys,

Soo.. yeah I've been on the forum for a year or so, but I never got around to doing an intro so here it is! been a Devils fan since the mid 90s. I first got into hockey when I turned on the TV as a kid and the first thing I saw was the brawl between the Avs vs Red Wings... i remember i just stood there, 5 inches from the screen and can't remember breathing or blinking. :o It was all a blur. but it was amazing.

Born and raised in Somerville, NJ and I got hometown pride so I started following and lovin the Devils. First Devils game I've been to was actually 2 years ago vs the Senators, and since then i've been to a handful of games including a homegame vs Rangers and Game 6 vs Canes', but yeah let's not talk about the game after that.. haha. This fall semester will be my last semester at Montclair State University where I will be completing my Bachelors in Communication.


Favorite Devil player? Clarkson

Favorite ex-Devil? Sergei Brylin

Favorite line? A-line of course

Most Hated Player? Avery/Pronger

Most Hated Team? Flyers/Canes (So what, I still got grudges haha.)

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