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I'm not sure if anybody can help, but when I'm viewing posts I pretty much have to scroll from left to right in order to view each sentence (instead of just having to scroll up and down). It kind of makes it a pain to read messages that have long sentences. Does anybody know if there is a way to adjust this? Thanks for the help.

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Mrsheeps said in a thread in Hell that some browsers have an option to wrap text and that setting should be checked...try that :)

Don't be forced by MS to use IE if you prefer Netscape...look for the setting...you will probably be happier...RowdyFan was having similar problem...look in Hell for thread Questions about forum or something near that :)

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The problem I was having was with whatever version of Netscape (probably 4.something) came with Red Hat Linux 7.1 (I just started a Linux class at school, so I was playing around with that for a while). Right now I'm using IE 6 in Win98 and all's well, and I just checked it in Netscape 6.2 and that's fine as well.

The problem with older versions of browsers is that they weren't as compliant with the HTML standards as the most current ones are, so websites would look different dependent on what browser (and even what operating system) you were using. Netscape 4 was especially notorious for this.

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