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NJDevs FHL Season #8 underway!

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Since people are just itching to get this sucker started I'll reopen the league right after this post. It's a Yahoo! rotisserie, 20-team league for the noobs, draft order is determined completely at random by me other than last year's league winner who gets to choose their draft position...and last year's winner was none other than me :P

Anyway the people who posted in the other thread will get first priority since they're clearly the eager beavers of the bunch :)

Our usual top competitiors (Devilswede, halfshark, etc) will get next priority and also be in if they want.

Then after that everyone else who posts in this thread until the league's filled...but there's probably gonna be enough interest for more than one league this year so if someone wants to start a head-to-head one to be different that's fine. I just like roto because it actually rewards the best team.

Any other questions ask before you sign up, for the returnees assume everything as status quo. We can talk about the draft date when everyone's in but I prefer weekday at night, not too late though.

Not sure I'll actually get around to sending out the invites for a couple days but I will start filling it up this weekend. If you want in speak now or forever hold your peace!

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Count me in if there's extra room.

So even you're playing this year...interesting. Always like to get in new blood, especially when they're board regulars.

I'll get around to sending out the invites Sunday, just too lazy to do it now with all the stuff I got on my plate tonight and tomorrow :P Seems like we're at about 14-15 including a couple people (like Devilswede) that haven't posted yet but are pretty much definites if they want.

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UPDATE: So far, I'm in the league obviously lol...PM's have been sent out to the fourteen people who've asked in this and the other locked thread, and I also PM'ed a few other people who've done the league in the past so if everyone joins the league is filled.

There's certainly no guarantee everyone of the twenty does sign up (especially since some of the requests were a while ago and maybe others just haven't posted because they don't have the time this year), so if anyone else wants to go on a reseve list I'll let you know.

Right now I have the draft date set on Thursday Sept. 30 at 7:30...I'd rather do it the last week of preseason and the Devils have home preseason games Tuesday and Friday that week so unlike last year this time I'm taking into account some might want to attend either or both :lol:

Plus I don't really want to do it on the weekend so lemme know if the time itself is an issue (the date'll probably stick unless enough people have an issue with it; we do have a month to discuss).

When you do sign up look over the rules and see if there's anything you want to tweak, so far I've pretty much just kept the same settings from last year. And remember there ARE game limits for every position, always always always a couple of the noobs forget about that.

And one other thing, to encourage a more active league this year I'll say the first seven teams in the standings this year get auto-invites back for next season. Usually it pretty much works out that way anyway cause the top seven are generally the more active players but I'll make that official this year so that there is a de facto incentive for placement even if you can't win the league itself.

Conversely, if you're in the bottom half of the league (11-20) and you're not particularly active (fewer than ten moves, keeping IR players in your lineup, etc) you're automatically going on the reserve list next season. This league's basically advertised itself for me this year and I could probably get a boatload more people to join if I posted anything in the status updates, so I don't want people around who are just taking up a space this year :P This certainly doesn't apply to you if you're active and just have a bad season, it's just a failsafe to protect against people packing it in early December.

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I'm flexible on the time, we can have it later or earlier...problem is I don't want to have it too much earlier because 'I' might not be around then lol, and I don't want to have it too much later cause it does typically run 2 1/2 hours for a 20-team draft with 18 players.

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