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Liberty to Play Three Seasons at the Pru


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The WNBA’s New York Liberty is moving across the Hudson River to New Jersey — at least for a little while.

One of the most popular franchises in the league, the Liberty will play the next three seasons starting next summer at the Prudential Center in Newark, according to a person close to the team who wished to remain anonymous because this person is not authorized to speak for the Liberty.

The team will play in Newark while Madison Square Garden undergoes a multimillion dollar renovation.

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No better time for Newark show it's potential than right now.

Devils, Nets. Liberty, Pirates all playing in the same building. Plus a few concerts in the mix. hopefully this solidify Newark as an "entertemaint" city

* I'm Littllle drunk sorry for the misppeled

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Liberty will probably out draw the Nets at the Rock.


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I bet literally tens of fans are thrilled about this.

The Liberty, from what I've read, are one of the top drawing teams in the WNBA. We're not talking NBA/NHL crowds, but certainly more than the Ironmen were drawing. And it's not particularly inconvenient for their fans to jump a train and come two stops into NJ, so I don't think their crowds will drop off much in Newark.

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Meh, I guess I should be happy that the Rock has another tenant, but in actuality, all that stands out to me is that we have yet another NY team playing here.

Don't like it.

Well I the Liberty probably had 99.9% fans from New York anyway. But now that they are comign to Jersey for 3 years I can see their attendance going up with Jersey fans going to see them.

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