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What Kovy merchandise did you purchase after the announcement??


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Technically not after the announcement since it was yesterday afternoon when it was being reported that it was going to be official, but a white Pro Edge from River City Sports. I figured with the length of time he's guaranteed to be a Devil it wouldn't hurt to splurge in this case. :P

I would have already bit back in July when the first contract was announced but I was unemployed at the time and even though I wasn't exactly hurting financially (unemployment was basically covering my living expenses so my sizable severance payout from my last job of 10 years essentially wasn't being touched ;) ) I wasn't buying anything at the time just in case none of my leads panned out.

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I'll probably pick up a tshirt within the next couple of weeks.


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I'm going to get a customized Kovy mug (just put some pics from Kovy's time with the Devils [and one from his Thrashers time perhaps] next to each other, plus some fancy fonted "ilya kovalchuk 17" inscription) from one of those online "put your own sh!t on our cup" shops. Cheap and unique.

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I bought the shirt right when he joined the team. When the first contract was signed I ordered a jersey from River City but put it on hold until last week. So I'm good to go. Can't think if anything else unless McFarlane repaints or makes a new Kovy figure.

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