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Old Devils Mascot "Slapshot"


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As someone who missed out, what was Slapshot supposed to be? If NJ Devil retires, is Chuck the Duck next in line?


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Ahahaa there he is. Did the Devils have anyone prior to him, and besides Baumann?

Also, isnt this the 2nd iteration of NJ Devil? I remember the early days when he drove out on the ice on an ATV with "Bad to the Bone" playing. He looked Mexican back then. I have an autographed photo somewhere, where hes sitting on the said ATV.


Here it is lol


And todays (Woah watch those hands NJ, you dont wanna get canned lol)


And on a side note, best Devils Mask, Mike Dunham:


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Wow, after seeing slapshot, I'd be in favor for replacing him with NJ, even if he didn't get all touchy feely. That's a horrible mascot.


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