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It might be a cool idea to have a list pinned in hell with names of all of the members that have donated. I'm sure that would encourage others, who haven't donated, to join in on the fun. As a college kid, my funds aren't exactly free to spend. But, I'm hopefully getting a job. And once I have enough money to actually feed myself all week, you can sure as hell count on a donation from me. This place is my cyber-home.

I agree with this 150%

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A small token from my wife and I (girlgeek is my wife).

Thanks for being here - she thanks you as well since she'd bear the brunt of my rants when the lose if it weren't for this place.

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DM thanks for all you do, I never would have been able to take WTH anywhere near where you guys have, Although I dodnot post as much as I used to I stop by a few times a week during the season to keep up.

i will donate something ver the weekend...


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