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Pow, right in the kisser.


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It's only cool because she's OK. But wow -- law suit for blondie much if that woman died from some freak blood clot etc?

I confess I'd have been some kind of an a$$hole saying No amount of money is worth this -- you have to go to the hospital right now for an MRI. If I were that woman's mom I'd -- I'd just call that blonde bitch ++++face for the rest of her life. Small satisfaction.

hey you can't write ++++! I'm one of the few women who find it useful to employ once in a while :evil:

But that's what she is a stupid greedy ++++! Only after money -- not some honor of the fvcking amazing race. Seriously it's her ++++y teacher tones -- soft female ++++ voice AHHH :argh:

<_< ++++!

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I like how shes like concussed. "I have the worst headache ever." best part of the video.

this was towards the end of this leg of the race, and as they're running after they finished this part, she kept saying "I can't feel my face."

Teammate kept saying "just deal with it and run, we gotta finish"

I've only watched amazing race twice before, but this was worth the hour.

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