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Mike Portnoy leaves Dream Theater

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Not sure how many of you all listen to DT, but Portnoy is without peer behind the drum kit. He wanted some time off, the band didn't, so 'they' decided he would leave. Crazy....


i use to be a HUGE Dream Theater fan, but im still a Portnoy fan.. Being a drummer, he was a big influence on me as a musician

i read about this yesterday, and even though i dont really listen to them much anymore, it still sucks

the band can't recover from such a blow to the musical and creative process that portnoy puts into their music, im waiting to see where he ends up and who replaces him

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Not a huge DT fan, but as a fellow drummer, I have to agree with MrMoney, he's probably one of the Top 10 drummers who ever lived and if not, has to be in the discussion. Brilliant musician and I can't imagine who could possibly replace him. Maybe Jimmy Chamberlain? Pretty wild.

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There are a thousand drummers who can play his stuff, but it'll be interesting to see how they fare without him in the other departments. He was the guy who did it all for them. PR, kept in touch with the fans, the bootleg releases, setlists etc. Big shoes to fill.

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