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Which Devil Will Have The Most Surprisingly Good Offensive Season



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  1. 1. Choose One

    • Elias - plays with Kovy and returns to 80 point form
    • Arnott - stays healthy and actually gets 70 points
    • Clarkson - scores 25-30 goals and 50 points out of nowhere
    • Parise - another year older, raises the bar at 100 points
    • Greene - builds on his breakout season, pots 15 goals and 55 points
    • Tedenby - makes the team, score 20 goals, 50 points
    • Urbom - makes the team, gets 35+ points
    • Other (write it in)

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Elias' "surprise" would be the odds on favorite, by a lot, to be true if we were betting, I believe.

This. Elias is the only one who could have a really surprisingly good offensive season - in part because of his previous surprisingly disappointing offensive seasons. The only outside shot would be Tedenby or Josefsen if one of them makes the team.

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Elias scoring 80 points won't be that big of a surprise. If you look at his stats year-to-year, he goes through peaks and valleys every 2-3 years. He's not one of those consistent 80+ point guys. However, I think he's more settled in as a player now than he was several years ago, and I think he will hit or be close to 80 points this year, especially with Arnott.

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